Working From Your Home Computer

This is My Computer

Do you have a beauty of a computer sitting in your house? Did you take pains to get a really good one, that could perform all the functions you required, and then some? A sleek attractive mating of shining black and subtle chrome, with a particular hum when you start it? It’s easy to love such a work of art as a computer.

But what can we use this machine for? Gaming is the choice of so many. While fun and intoxicating, games don’t earn you any money, unless your in a league or challenge, which most people are not. Games can actually use up perfectly valuable time in which you could have been doing something different, like:

building a business on the line instead of just surfing it.

Learning to be an accomplished freelance writer

Building a niche marketing website from the ground up with Wealthy Affiliate


Is a Career as a Writer for You?

There are many jobs available on the internet for writers. If you can paint a picture with words, you have a bright future ahead.

If you want to write, but struggle with it, there are online courses located in such places as skillshare, or Hubspot, or Udemy that will teach you key strategies to unlock the writer within.

Go with the flow, and flow with the go

And one day you’ll realize your dream of working from your home computer!

For lists of available writing jobs this site Writing pay-checks that you can try for 7 days free before paying a monthly subscription fee.

Decide on day 6 of your trial if this site is helping you or not so you can cancel if you need to.

What people do with the time they spend on their home computer, is very important, and can mean the difference between being poor and barely making it through life, or running a business from your fingertips, that changes your financial reality forever.


The Cell Phone as a Computer

Lucky for all of us, we live in the digital age! Though you will want to set your business up on your home computer, as your mainframe, or base, your cell phone can become your computer in hand.

Because we all have cell phones, little mini computers in the palm of our hands, life is flying these days. You are connected to everything your doing on line, instantly. Connected to everything you do at home. Connected to every thought you have.

You are as mobile as anyone could ever think possible, your business right at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Imagine having a business like that !!

Freedom awaits the bold.


Work From Home With Your Computer

Do you have a desire to write thoughtful information pieces that help people solve a problem they are dealing with?

Would you like to share your knowledge of cats, dogs, food, clothing, coffee? How about financial help, how to get out of debt, how to save real money, or health information, or information on overcoming fears, family relationships, getting over trauma, or health information, or recipes for good food…. These are just a few ideas.  There are literally thousands of areas of interest on the internet that you could become an authority in.

Do you have any ideas of what you would like to have a website based around? Share your idea with me and I will give you some valuable feedback about your vision. We can brainstorm niche ideas !

Build a niche website with a company like Wealthy Affiliate and really see your dreams open up silver wings and fly. There is much to be learned, of course, but when you do, the site you build will be beautiful, wearing your touch, your personality, your awesome writings. It could be just what someone is looking for, and they will read your content, and some will subscribe to your site, some will shop from your site, some will use it as the go to for information that they need.

While building websites and learning from the great teachings at Wealthy Affiliate, you will be growing and stretching as a person, and as an online business entity.

What are you passionate about? transform this passion into a website presence online. WA’s teachers, and community, will make sure you have all the help you need while learning and building and growing.


Final Thoughts to Share

These are just two ideas for working from your home computer. There are many more businesses you can become involved in using you computer.

It’s very freeing to make an income using this tool you bought for staying connected to family and friends, playing a few games during the day, looking at news and information, surfing Facebook.  But it can be put to work! like a fine horse racing to win, let your computer work for you, to bring you into the winners circle.

What a great tool for a modern you!

Are you a ‘digital native’ ?

Or from a different era, where letters were written, and newspapers were perused? When you sat down with a good book, not your cell phone? Information traveled much slower then, and one had to figure in travel time for one’s message. Now everything is instant.

This makes fertile ground for you to start and grow an business online.

Did you know there are some 2 billion people online every day? That’s your market for an online business!

Freelance Writing jobs online is an option worth looking at. If you like Writing pay-checks, this could be a fit for you.

Affiliate marketing is an option worth looking at.

I will be back with two more businesses you can do from your home computer. Please check back next week to see what else I have uncovered !!

Leave me a comment below. Share your ideas with me of home businesses one can run from the computer! I’ll answer right away, and we can have a lively discussion.

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