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Tips For Selling on eBay

Hi, just thinking about eBay, and how many times I have heard people ask, “How do I sell on eBay?” This a great question that I would like to answer to the best of my ability.

First go to https://www.ebay.ca/sl/sell and set up an account. This is fairly easy, just fill out your information.

Now think about what kind of items you would like to sell. Like they say, snap a few pictures, write a good description, and you’re ready!

It’s like having a table at the home show. You place your items upon your table, and wait for buyers to find you.

These items can be anything. I once found a Fred Flintstone doll at the thrift shop for 50 cents, placed it on my table for 12 dollars. It sold within days, and I boxed it up and shipped it off. Shipping was about 4 dollars, so I made a nice profit!

Selling physical products from home through eBay is great in many ways. It works very well, and finding the items to sell can be tremendous fun! You get to wander thrift shops, and yard sales, looking for the deal. It’s always exciting when you find an item that others have overlooked, a dusty treasure that you recognise as valuable. You go to the seller, and casually offer him a deal…sure that it’s awesome for such a neglected piece of junk, they are delighted with your offer, and accept. You  take home your prize, shine it up, and sell it on your eBay site!

Create Great Titles

One thing I learned was the importance of your title. You could use words that pertained to that item, and not necessary in a sensible title, just what could be found on Ebay by typing in certain words. If you were selling a kitchen gadget, you might write it out like this: Kitchen Potato Peeler Food Yum Carrots Cooking. Then any one of those words typed in could potentially bring up your item. If you are getting no views, change your title around. Keep working at it until the item gets better views.


Price Point

My teacher stressed over and over that price point was not a huge deal for the majority of buyers on ebay. They arrive at their computer, pull out their credit card and go looking for what they want to buy. They are not spending a lot of time going through website after website, looking for the best deal, buyers just find what they want on eBay and purchase it.

You’re the one that needs to spend hours searching through sites like Ali Baba, or Amazon, or Ali Express, to find interesting items you want to sell, add enough to cover shipping, ebay fees, PayPal fees, and a small commission for yourself, then listing it at that price on your eBay site.

The buyer will not then go to Ali Baba to find a cheaper version of the listed item. They just purchase it from you. You then do the “work” of purchasing the item at whatever source you found it, and have it drop shipped (sent direct from retailer to your customer) to them at their home address.


One Small Thing Can Equal a Fortune

Another way is keep a look out for amazing deals. Stuff stores are just tired of carrying, so must let go. Buy a pallet load of the item, put it in your garage, and sell it one piece at a time on ebay. This works great for many vendors.

I followed a story of one vendor, who bought small jars, filled them with water, and added a drop of yellow food coloring. Then he took some horrid gooey substance he bought at the dollar store and shaped and twisted the blob till it vaguely resembled something alien. This he would slip into the jar of yellowish liquid, calling it his “alien in a jar”. Sold this item for $10 bucks each… sold hundreds.

A good idea goes a long way on eBay !!

Anything Can Be Good For Selling on eBay

A good site for ideas is http://www.watchcount.com

This site shows you what is selling on eBay. Browse around, get some ideas of what you would like to list.

Another vendor I heard of would collect old bikes, fix them up and sell them for triple what he paid! You just have to keep your eyes open for the “diamond in the rough”, that people want, but have no time in their busy lives to search for. Bring it to them, to your table, where they can find it. You do the searching. You do the staging. They will buy your item if you do a good job of that.

Nice pictures are key to selling anything well. If your items are books, or small things, spread out a blue cloth, stage your items on there for the photos. It always looks pretty, and crisp, with blue as your background.

Needlepoint kits new, or from second hand shops. Cheap to ship, fun to find, women love them.

T-shirts, old photos, magazines, comics, graphic novels, DVD movies, antique toys.

Think about items that are easy to ship. If you’re finding and selling physical products, shipping is a big cost. That’s why I focus on small items, but your journey may take you a different direction.

Working with ebay is very straight forward. To be part of their platform, you follow the rules they have outlined, pay the fees they require, and they will take care of the small details for you. It’s a fantastic system, just plug in, and start selling.

In fact, they have such a well organised program, In my opinion, it’s pretty easy for just about anyone to sell on eBay.

Garage sale addicts love the platform, for a great way to showcase their finds. Plus many a vendor who has either bought a pallet-load of a particular item, or they manufacture something. Or maybe grow something. I have found Kiefer beads on eBay, and had them shipped to my house!

This is what I’ve learned, selling on eBay. I’m happy to be able to share these few thoughts with you, to encourage you to go ahead and try, it can’t hurt anything. I hope this piece helps you in your quest. It’s only my opinion, but there are some points to consider, and my hope is that you got some ideas of what you could sell on eBay, and how.

Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!


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