How To Start a Business From Home

I’ve narrowed in on a few interesting businesses so far on this site, offering information about Microgreens, Worm Farming, Baking Dog Biscuits, Growing Mealworms and more, but in this report I would like to just fly over a few insanely good ideas, presenting a brief glimpse into each.

Starting a business at home need not be scary and intimidating. Start small. You can grow.

Choose the area you are going to use in your home. Design your space on paper and only settle when you’re happy.

Paint and decorate the room.

Collect the supplies you need to launch the business of your choice.

Set up your space. Have an opening special. Advertise for just a few dollars in your local paper. Your first phone call, from your first client, will be exciting! Relish this fabulous moment when it comes. Then you’ll be down to business, working as fast and efficiently as you can.

Haircuts and Styling

If you have gone to school to learn how to cut and style hair, you have a ticket that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life.

Any town you live in needs hairdressers. Hang out your sign and start making customers.

Convert a room in your house. This can even be the garage.

Paint, decorate. Install a chair, mirror, hair wash station, counter.

A pair of scissors, gentle music, fragrant products. You’re in business!

Make-up Artist

What do you need to do this little business? Lots of make-up. A winning personality, and a keen sense of color and blend.

Advertise in your local paper, and across the internet. Let everyone know that your services are available for special events, weddings, photo shoots and the like. Build up your clientele slowly, for if ladies get to know you and trust your work, they’ll call you again and again.

You can do this in your home, but some folks even have a mobile service that goes to their customers’ homes.

Having great make-up you use in your business is very important. Research lines like Sei Bella, or Savvy Minerals. Natural, clean makeup.

There are also some make-up companies that offer an affiliate program. That’s quite nice, as you will be compensated from the company for using their make-up and beauty products in your business, and for getting other women to love the make-up too.



After School Tutor

Are you sharp with math? Good at teaching English? Like to see the lights go on in a young mind? Then consider after school tutoring to kids that are struggling. Charge a reasonable rate, and have the students come to you.

Supplies needed for this endeavor include paper and pencil, perhaps a chalkboard.

Many children can benefit from a service such as this. Help those that are struggling to make their grades. It will be a very rewarding job.

Online Blogging

Now this has got to be one of the most incredible of home based jobs. Sit down at your computer keyboard and write.

What is your passion? what do you love that you want to share with the world?

Those that read blogs, are looking for the unique and interesting. Provide them that, and they’ll keep coming back, fueling your growth and moving you toward monetization.

It won’t happen overnight, but steady work and consistent posting of the next chapter, the next story, the next installment, will eventually add up to success.

For the new blogger, the first thing needed is a platform, a website upon which you can display your articles and stories. You’ll gain a following of interested subscribers who literally wait for the next posting with joy and bated breath.

The top rated website building/hosting platform in my mind is Wealthy Affiliate. Here you can build a blog site that rivals the very best online, and have the training you need to understand every step, right at your fingertips.


I know registered massage therapists attend school for a long time, finally gain their license and set up a practice, and start charging out at $75 or more per hour.

But that doesn’t exclude people with a given talent for massaging away aches and pains in sore muscles. In my town a lady set up shop and gave a really good massage, charging $40 an hour. She was soon busy, booking weeks in advance all year round!

Having the education means you can charge more per client, but 40 dollars an hour is pretty decent money. If you have a good massage hand, and enjoy sharing this talent with people, if you need more money in your life but don’t want to get into the regular grind of a day job, consider starting this home business.

Convert a room in your house. Set it up with attention to colors, decorations and tapestries. Put in your massage table, set up your music and open the door to a whole new endeavor in your life.

There are massage tables readily available. Here is one suggestion.

Massage oil. Relaxing nature music. A smile on your face, a beautiful welcoming space where your client can relax and be soothed.

These are five ideas of small businesses you can run from your home. I hope this article sparked some ideas in you, and got you thinking.

You don’t need a million dollars to start your own endeavor out of your home, that you are already paying for.

Utilize your home to earn supplemental income. Whether you’re growing microgreens, raising some mealworms, or even baking crunchy treats for dogs in your local area, using part of your home as a business venture is a smart idea.

It helps with taxes, as the room you use can be filed under business expense. Purchases of equipment needed to do the biz, can also be filed as a business expense. Just keep those receipts and organize them for your bookkeeper at tax time.

Thank you for reading this post! I appreciate your attention and hope that I have made a difference in your day, and inspired you to start your own unique venture.

Leave me a comment below, so that I may connect with you.

Together we may change the world.

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