Exploring Personal Growth

How Will You Grow?

Personal growth is something you can chase, but there is no need, for in this life that we live, it will find us.

Growing from learning is central to becoming a fully rounded person, with the qualities of kindness and compassion, generosity and strength interwoven with a strong spirit and a keen eye.

The importance of personal growth and development can not be understated. It shapes you into who you are, and what you will accomplish in this life.

As you stand on the highway of life at a crossroads only you can see, remember that you are a shining being. A beautiful soul who can bring love and joy to all those whose hearts you touch.

We’re all born small and helpless, reaching immediately for growth, knowledge and the ability to do. Watch the tiny baby. See the intensity with which little children seek to learn about everything. Gentle guidance at this stage in life is so important.

As a mother I spent hours watching my children learn, seeing them achieve personal growth and a better understanding of themselves. It was rewarding to share these moments of insight with them. I always tried to reinforce the positive elements of their experiences and to help them think through the results that were less than positive.

As you travel your journey through the landscape of this lifetime, remember that no matter what happens to you, deep inside you’re still a shining being. Your spirit is pure. The experiences you have as you grow will shape you, test you and temper you.

Be strong, compassionate, loving, kind and generous. Don’t let anyone push you around. Be firm and sure, but never mean. Meanness erodes your radiant being and weakens you. Nourish your spirit with loving energy and meaningful service to others. Stay connected to nature and treat yourself to beautiful music.

Giving your Time For Free

There are volunteer groups in my town who help families throughout the year, most especially at Christmas. They work hard at putting together food boxes and gifts, bringing happiness to children who might otherwise have a cold, hungry holiday.

Volunteering at music festivals can be great fun. Many festivals couldn’t even happen without the contributions of their volunteers.

The SPCA always needs people to help with the dogs, cats and other animals they help. This is very rewarding. Learning to connect with other creatures, soothe their fears and make them happy, is a great step in this personal growth business.

Senior citizens love to have visitors who bring comfort, music and friendship. So many of us have busy lifestyles and at times the elderly members of our community might feel isolated and forgotten. Volunteers don’t have the stresses of regular staff members, so can bring laughter and lightheartedness with them.

In and of itself, volunteering is a selfless act, a gift of your time and energy without expectation of return. It’s a huge contribution to the well-being and fabric of your community and brings together people from all walks of life. It’s an opportunity to lend a hand to those who might otherwise be left to struggle through their challenges alone. As we contribute to the happiness and well-being of another, personal growth is the center of our learning.

Learning Through Business

I found a lot of personal growth in network marketing. Learning to host meetings, which was a huge step for me, shy as I was. I rented halls, gymnasiums, and meeting rooms. Brought together people from all walks of life, introduced them and facilitated a good connection for all. I showed the movie, made the coffee and snacks, managed the sign-ups. It was invigorating and exciting, and very conducive to finding new depths within myself, new levels of courage, poise and determination.

Learning to talk to people, in an easy, informative and confident manner about my company, my opportunity and my product line, taught me to speak with eloquence, in an engaging manner.  In this process is where I found personal growth.


Sing For Your Supper?

Another area that I found helped me to grow as a human being has been learning to sing in front of people and be a performer.

Every town in Canada usually has an open mic event at the local hall once a month. I hope your country is the same.

If you want to grow as a person, as a musician, go to these open mics and push yourself to get up there even though you may be drenched in sweat and feeling queasy, and your heart beats a little uneasy, keep a smile on your face, and a joke to the ready, and create the best performance of your life. This is possible if the audience and the performer connect.

There is personal growth in this process. Like the unfurling wings of an angel, you rise up and are lifted by the power of connection between singer and audience.

I once saw lines of green energy swirl from the performer to the audience, and golden ones swirling back. It is the only time I have ever seen anything of the sort, before or since, but this was a life changing sight. I never knew it had a physical aspect like that.

Have you ever been at a concert, or a show, and the connection is really good between performers and audience, and the performer will suddenly do such an incredible job with a song?Where you know you’ve been transported to another space, where you catch a glimpse of another’s life, and you stand rooted, barely daring to breath, with tears slipping from your eyes. Oh the beauty.

The energy connection I saw is happening at many concerts and other musical events. We as humans, have less defense against music than other forms of communication. Music can slip through our barriers and impact our heart. Music lifts the spirit, fills it with light.

Music events are more like a meeting of radiant beings, which is why people are so moved in their hearts, and feel a lightening of spirit. Everyone coming out of the concert is smiling and animated, ever notice that?


Importance of Working With Others

Another bringer of personal growth to my life was having a job looking after someone who had suffered a brain injury and could not manage alone. I’m not saying everyone should find a job in the care giving industry, but if you do, be prepared to experience amazing personal growth.

I discovered a depth of compassion within myself that I never knew existed.

Having raised six children already, I thought that I knew everything about human emotions and for sure, compassion. But while working there and caring for someone who cannot do for themselves anymore, I discovered another level of compassion that was within me, flowing like a river. I tapped into it, and found myself expanding my view of others, and holding in my heart an unconditional love for all people. Everyone you meet could be fighting a harder battle than you yourself face, so be kind. Understand where they are coming from, and see if there is something you can say that would help them reach more understanding.

We never know where or when the lessons will come to us. That’s why it’s so important to remain open to change in your life and to know when you are being offered another opportunity for personal growth, be it a new job, a new child, a new home, a new friend, or a new experience. Be open to change and it will come.

Embrace every lesson when it comes to you, for life is the greatest teacher, and it’s an honor to be an attentive student, learn, grow, and advance further within your lifetime than you ever thought possible.

Next time you ask, what is personal growth and development? How does it manifest? How will I grow? Please, read these words, and perhaps find a pearl of wisdom to help you on your way.

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