An Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate 2020-how-I-see-it

What’s going on over at Wealthy Affiliate?

I read 50 reviews. All said the same thing.

Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be if you want to learn how to set up and run- a profitable business on the Internet.

  • Wealthy Affiliate
  • Website: wealthyaffiliate.com
  • Price: $49 per month or $495 per year
  • Owners: Kyle and Carson
  • My Ranking: 99 out of 100

Discovering Wealthy Affiliate

I have spent a few years searching for a program that would teach me how to set up a website and build an online business.

My searching cost me several thousand dollars.

I have been disappointed. Though I purchased programs at great cost, they did not teach me step one.

How to build the website that is the foundation of your business.

I have been unable to start, because I never found the training that would show me how and where.

Until I found Wealthy Affiliate.

The Ultimate Affiliate Platform

Where do I get a website? How do I get a website?

Ever ask these most important questions?

Wealthy Affiliate can answer these questions. They understand how to build websites, and share that knowledge with every single member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has the tools and training readily available for all members to use.

Open a free starter account. Create  your first website in about 1 minute.

Click the above box.

Before it opens, take a moment to think of what you would like to build a website around.

For this exploratory exercise, keep it really simple.

Enter the domain name you have chosen and siterubix will build you a site!

Next, choose a free theme you like and within minutes your new website is ready and waiting for you to put stuff on it.

Your next step is to activate a free starter account with Wealthy Affiliate.

Once inside, take a look at module 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification.

This training takes you step by step. Teaches you how to set up every little thing needed for a website.

By module 5 you’ll be well educated in website creation and monetization.

Setting up your Wealthy Affiliate account is very easy. You need a picture, and to write an short bio about yourself, and goals you have.

And that’s about all it takes to start on your new path of expressing yourself and making money online.

Extraordinary Training Style

In lesson 1, the teacher started by talking about what he was going to demonstrate, which included how to set up a WordPress website.

So let’s dive right into that,” he said, and began showing me on the screen, each step of putting together a website!

As I followed instructions, I felt a deep gratitude well up in me. This training was incredible, everything that I had been searching for

I had been looking for just this type of teaching program, for many years.

So clear! so concise! I followed along, implementing the instructions on my  website moments later, to see the changes take place before my eyes!

Lessons are  simple and straight forward, shown visually to you on the screen. Just follow the steps! If you get confused, go back over the lesson until you see where you stepped off. Correct yourself, and keep going.

Training in Wealthy Affiliate, by the founders, or by other members in the community, are all in a step by step, visual walk through format.

This is the most powerful gift to new people. Many wanting to do online marketing have no idea where to start. Wealthy Affiliate shows you.

Take your vision and turn it into reality.

A proven, interesting, and fantastic way to learn!

So many other programs offer you the moon.

Wealthy Affiliate delivers.


Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Anyone can do this… Stay at home Moms, baby boomers, passive income seekers, minimum wage workers, home bound individuals, people with a mortgage, retirees, and now all the people trapped at home because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Start that online biz you have been thinking about. You have the time now, to invest in yourself!

I’m building a great community of friends here at Wealthy Affiliate, all creating websites and finding the success they seek. I hope you will join us.

Refreshing Approach to Website Hosting and Care

Here is a chart to show what Wealthy Affiliate offers to Starter and Premium members. I find this chart very impressive.

You can start, try out, and explore, for FREE.

Consider all the features you get for the monthly fee of 49.00 dollars?


Other website builders require you to pay for hosting just one website. Anything else you need for your website is extra $$.

With WA you are getting a lot more for your money, all in one spot.

Wealthy Affiliate takes care of every setup, and all the little technical details we know nothing about but are very important to the health of your website.

Also consider, WA offers Premium members 10 websites- all covered under the monthly subscription cost.

Ten websites completely taken care of.

All we as members do is learn, build and maintain.

Do you know my first try with another teaching program, I first went to domain provider and purchased a domain. Then I went to another company to host that domain. Then I went to a website building company to begin building a website for that domain.

Every step was money. For the domain and hosting, I paid near one hundred and fifty dollars for the year. Then the website on top of that was another  thirty dollars per month, for the one website!

Can you see the Value of Wealthy Affiliate? In a regular program it can cost you $150 and up, for one website!

Here we pay $359 for the year, literally less than $1 a day, and get 10 websites!!

With domain –  and hosting –  and setup – taken care of.

Without the basic foundation of a website, you cannot do business on the Internet.

Wealthy Affiliate is here. It is the answer to your question.


Wealthy Affiliate is Real

This is a genuine platform to train affiliate marketers, and support affiliate marketers.

They’re not selling some “all done for you” business, they’re not selling “get-rich-quick” schemes that no one can understand.

What they are doing is empowering every single member with the Training and Tools needed to conduct business on the Internet in a creative, natural way that brings financial rewards.

You can use your websites to promote absolutely anything you can think of.

There are thousands of companies with affiliate programs on the Internet.

It’s the new business model.

Wealthy Affiliate has recently developed a new tool for Premium members.

With this tool, we can search over 600 affiliate programs across the Internet, study products and their available commissions, and deciding if we would like to affiliate with them, and add links in our articles to promote to our visitors.

Signing up to become an affiliate of a company is usually very easy.

After you have chosen a niche, go and look at the kind of products you could link to, that would flow with your website and what you’re trying to say or promote.

Amazon and other online stores have affiliate programs you can join.

There is training within Wealthy Affiliate that is specific to setting up affiliate links. Once you complete the lesson, you’ll know exactly how to set it up and make it work for you.

Yes, the lesson is step by step, making it easy.


Start For Free

Sound good to you? That’s because it is. There isn’t a bad thing I can think of to say about Wealthy Affiliate.

Careful, Thoughtful Training. Covering every aspect of website building – and monetizing – that you can imagine, or knew nothing about.

For me, Wealthy Affiliate is my answer. Here, I find everything I need to become an accomplished Affiliate Marketer.

As Members of Wealthy Affiliate, we’re Not competing against each other at all.

Each of us stands at the edge of the Internet ocean. We toss our stone, and watch the ripples spread out across a sea so vast they don’t even overlap.

There are several billion people online every day. That is a vast market, a lot of people to talk to.

With everything at Wealthy Affiliate geared to helping you find Your success, making You a wise online entrepreneur and successful Internet Business Owner, I think the time is now – for you to take your piece of the pie.

I invite you to explore the free training. You will know within minutes if this is the place for you to be on the Internet.

Wealthy Affiliate is changing lives!!

Let yours be the next one!

Join me here to create your new world.




  1. This Wealthy Affiliate is the kind of company that is just right for many folks looking for an internet opportunity. Here is working at home at its best! Just fire up your computer and start in. Step by step training is so important for the person just starting out. I believe you have found the perfect vehicle for your business.

    • Fran, thanks for your encouraging comment. WA is the best program! I’m learning everything I never knew! ha ha, right now, that means learning to build this beautiful website your on! So much fun!

  2. Hello Kathleen,

    Just like you, I’ve been trying long and hard to find a way to make money on the internet, and I’ve come across several reviews of Wealthy Affiliate, already.

    At this point in my journey, I’m starting to want to give Wealthy Affiliate a try. At this point, what I think I need the most is concrete help in getting me started. You mentioned help towards the end of your article, but please could you elaborate? 

    You wrote: “If you encounter a problem, the teacher, and indeed the whole community, will help you get it solved so that you may continue steadily towards your goals.” But how quickly do you get help? In the past I’ve been frustrated with promises for help, but just to stay stuck in my problems. Thanks, Phil 

    • Hi Phil, thanks for reaching out to me!

      I can relate to your problem of getting help on something when you need it. I once spent scads of money on a program, and just ended up frustrated, and crying my eyes out. I quit the training because I could not understand, and had no person to talk to that knew how to fix the problem, no expert that could calmly tell me what to do. Your on your own, and have no recourse but to stand there shouting at your computer and stomping a foot.

      If you joined WA through me, I would most definitely be a mentor to you, and be just a wee click away to answer your questions, or find the answer for you. We also have live chat, with members asking questions and getting them answered instantly, in real time. That live chat runs 24/7. Working on an article at 2am? need a question answered? fire it out over live chat and see who can help… or who’s awake at that hour lol

      We also have access to the founders of WA, Kyle and Carson. They truly can answer ANY question you have, so if you cannot get a satisfactory answer from the community, pose it to one of them in the lesson forum, or write them a personal email. They will likely answer within a day or two, at most.

      I advise you to give WA a try. It’s free! No cc needed, just get in there and check it out! Once inside, looking at the training, you will see what I mean when I say, you have finally found the teaching you’ve been looking for!!

      I’ll be waiting to hear what you think of WA!


  3. Great review of WA. I couldn’t agree more!

    I am a WA member and what I love the most is the community in it. Everyone is so active and very helpful. All of my questions so far are being answered. The courses within WA is so detailed and if you are a starter or just a newbie in this online marketing industry, the step by step guide to create and grow your online business will definitely help! 

    All the best! Cheers!

    • Hey, thanks for the comments!

      WA all the way! such a great community, everyone works together to keep negativity out, and that really makes a difference. Positive, uplifting and helpful. I feel like I’m making friends in this community…online friends! it’s pretty cool. 

      Learning so much through WA’s step by step guide… I made this website! and that also, is pretty cool


  4. Thanks for this article! I’ve been looking for reviews on them however yours is the most detailed one I’ve seen. I’m still on the starter version and thinking of going premium on yearly? I like the idea how you can develop your career working on the starter one as well! There’s already a lot to understand and apply to running an actual online business on the starter alone, but now I’d like to level up my progress, thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Laureen Thanks for your comment. Wealthy Affiliate really is the best  I spent two weeks on the starter program, and learned so much I knew I had to continue. Like when you come upon the perfect trail through a meadow, that you just have to explore, I wanted to see where WA would take me.

      Every day since has been fun and rewarding on many levels. Lots of personal growth with this adventure! 

      I would certainly recommend going yearly! at $359, it’s less than a dollar a day! then your not worrying about payments and such, you have made the commitment, and you can focus on building an incredible  website and online business!

  5. A very honest and comprehensive review about Wealthy affiliate. I also joined wealthy affiliate through searching for a programme that works. I was never referred but started with the free membership. To me, that was a winner as I had nothing to lose. Through that free sign up I was soon able to see the benefits and did not need any convincing to go premium. 

    You have really covered the benefits of WA, the free hosting, the training, the price compared to other affiliate programmes,  the support and who WA is for. 

    • Thank you! Good to hear that I covered things well, and made a comprehensive picture of WA. This is a platform that is really truly awesome in so many ways, teaching, website hosting, support, research tools, and more!

      I love the Wealthy Affiliate training style, do you?

  6. WOW Kathleen you have given me a picture of my bright future with WA.

    I can relate to searching for the right system with affordable training. I have lost money and mostly time that I cant get back using other online offers. Then I to came across WA. Hello and Yeah thank you for the perfect opportunity. I am also a baby boomer BTW.

    I love what I see in the  beginning of your website. BAM a beautiful outdoor picture. Makes me want to go camping and fishing. I love the outdoors but try to stay away from Bears and Sharks, anything that can outrun, out climb and outswim you not for me.

    Nice job on the website. Makes you look like a pro that’s been doing this for years. 

    • Thanks Mike, for your awesome comment !!

      A bright future with Wealthy Affiliate is what I’m experiencing! 😀

      Sharks! bears! stay away from those critters for sure lol

  7. I love Wealthy Affiliate and I am a massive fan. However, I do believe that many people start it thinking this is their get rich quick solution to life. It is not. It requires hard and consistent work, and even then it can take ages to actually see results. That being said if you are serious about it, it is the best place to be and it has the best support available. The community is amazing! 

    • HI Hollie, thanks for your comment!

      WA is not a get rich quick thing, only through lots of hard work and consistent effort will commissions start to roll in- after a number of months, I believe. Which is amazing when placed beside a traditional business, that can take a lot longer to get going, think restaurant…In my opinion its all about studying the lessons consistently, working on your websites, applying what you learned, and writing lots and lots !

      The community is amazing, I agree !


  8. Great website and articles. I myself have joined WA and I’m very glad I did. No other platform will give you a better understanding of how to set up a website properly from the get go and succeed online. If anybody wants to learn how to be ahead of the curve online, they should give WA a chance!!

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