How To do Network Marketing


How To Network Market

When you start in network marketing you will be swamped by excitement. The possibilities will swirl around in your head almost 24 hours a day. You will have trouble sleeping sometimes, the excitement is so high, because suddenly you know you are in a free enterprise endeavor.

Where is the ceiling on what you can achieve? Only where you put it. In this business model, there is no organization above you, no layers of hierarchy getting most of the money, while you slave away. That is the tradition business model !

The network marketing, or direct marketing, or consumer marketing, company, has a structure, but that is for keeping it all moving forward in an organized fashion. But we as the distributors really have no limit on what we can create, how far, or fast we can advance, no limit on our earnings.

Like Mario in the game, jumping from one brick to the other, you can advance forward at lightening speed, solving your family’s financial troubles within a year, or more if you’re slower.

Did you know that all network marketing companies require you to build a team? People who will work with you to expand the company’s customer base. This is one of the most life changing experiences you can have. Working with old friends, or new friends that you met through the business, is uplifting and empowering.

I have done home shows with groups of women, working our shifts, talking to people, laughing, joking, always having such a wonderful time working together. I feel you can experience so much personal growth being involved in this industry, it just naturally leads you out of your comfort zone, and into fun and exciting spaces you have never been in before.

Network Marketing is worth getting involved in, just to gift yourself these opportunities to work with family and friends, in a real and life changing way.

Example of a Free Enterprise System

What do you think about the idea of “Free Enterprise”? Have you thought about it before?

The business model for network marketing is based on this concept.

Free enterprise speaks of working from your home, organizing your working hours around your life, not your employer’s business/schedule. This is more than desirable! Working a regular job you’re always tired, and many times feel trapped, which makes you moody. You and your partner may begin fighting, your relationship with your children suffers, you don’t go out much, and tend to stay home and look for rest you can’t find.

It’s much better to work from home, hand in hand with your partner, getting your children involved, and loving what you do. Network marketing allows this to happen. You can work from home on your computer, on your phone, arranging meetings, advising team members, coaching, encouraging and celebrating with them as they advance forward also, finding new confidence within themselves too. You can become closer to your friends working with them this way.

The basic steps of network marketing is that you join the company, place an order. Get your order, start trying everything, whether it be floor cleaner or health shake. If you love it, you can’t help yourself but tell your mother, and sisters and friends. Usually mothers will order just to support you, and also because they see how delighted you are with the products you’re using, and they want to feel good too!

You and the team you build, can fly your network marketing ship to the moon! There is no limit on how far you can advance in the company, how much money you can generate as a team, how much personal growth you can experience. Nice to be in a business where you can empower family and friends that are working with you, and help them to achieve financial success. Within that process, is your success.

You just need the right vehicle to take you there. The right ship so to speak. A Millennium Falcon.


Finding Your Millennium Falcon

How do you choose a company, an opportunity to work with? How do you find that ship that will fly you to the moon? That is steady, well-built, responsive and safe to invest in. That ship that won’t break down half-way through the journey.

How do you look at the long list of companies operating within the network marketing model, and choose one that is going to be good for you? How will you know?

Perhaps choose a product you would like to represent, such as health shakes. What network marketing companies are offering health shakes? Make a list. Go to each one and read their ingredients. Is this something you would put in your body? Find the compensation plan on their website and study it. Could you make money with this structure?

Would you want to represent makeup and other beauty products? Search out which network marketing companies are selling makeup. Read the ingredient list. Would this be something you would put on your body?

Find the compensation plan in their paperwork and study it. Could you make money with this structure?

Company after company. The research process can be long and tedious. Do you have hours and hours to do all this research?

Let me help. I have done a lot of research over the last 20 plus years, learning by trial and error, learning by joining the company, following the plan towards success that they have outlined, working hours a day on the phone, talking to people about the opportunity. I have built teams, I have made money, I have lost money. I have even done the infamous ‘cold calling’…which is something you just never want to do, I can assure you.

With this hands-on experience that I have around network marketing, let me help you find the very pearl of the industry, by showing you. I’m speaking from experience, which is the best teacher of all. I will save you that research time.

I will show you the Millennium Falcon. Will you jump in and fly?


A Basic Building Method

Have you seen the 2 get 2 get 2 system?

It looks something like this.

You go and sign up uncle Bob, and cousin Sal.

Bob signs up Martha and Gregg. Sal signs up Samantha and Boris.

Your team has grown to 6.

Those six go out and get 2 each, and your team grows to 12.

Those 12 go out and get two each, your team has grown to 24.

Those 24 go out and get two each, your team has grown to 48.

Its like compound interest on a bank loan! It grows exponentially. How far you advance is totally connected to how hard you work , how many you recruit.


5 Tips to Network Marketing Success

  1. Be open, positive, vivacious and friendly. Love your product line and company and let others see that.
  2. Study the compensation plan until you understand it. You can’t represent what you don’t really know.
  3. Do a show with your company. Home Show, Health Fair, that kind of event. It grows your confidence and teaches you to speak with authority about your company and its product line. And it’s a lot of fun!
  4. Connect with your team daily. People need lots of visionary reinforcement to keep them motivated. Your job as leader is to paint the bigger picture all the time, keeping team members focused, striving towards goals.
  5. Be a good leader. Compassionate, understanding, helpful, encouraging and empowering with your team, your friends on this adventure. Also do not hesitate to jump in and solve problems for your team. If you solve problems, people will look to you.











I have worked with eight network marketing companies over the last 20 years. Eight compensation plans of varying differences. Some were designed to make a little money for the new rep, but most of them weren’t!

Can you believe that? I didn’t know what to think when I encountered this!

Even though I threw myself heart and soul into each company, it would shortly be apparent to me that though this company was awesome, I wasn’t going to be the double triple star anytime soon, as there was not much money up front for the new rep, making it so hard to get anything rolling, and the products were not part of my practical family budget, they were over and above.

This was never a sustainable business model for me. I wished I could find a company that would pay me, just for using regular everyday stuff that I needed already to keep my household operating smoothly. That would be ideal!



Then one day I found this company.

What I understood over the years of representing different product lines, was that when money got tight, or anything happened to upset the budget, people immediately turned to look at where could they make cuts to their spending. Cut out the high priced programs, fall back to the basics.

What people never cut out of their lives is the basics. You need those to live a decent life! We can’t live in a cave with a stick for a broom! or scrub our clothes with sand, crouched beside a creek! We need basic supplies like laundry soap to keep us as a stable member of society! We always have a jug of cleaner in the house, toothpaste, shampoo, laundry soap, dish soap…basics of modern day living!

What I found is a store that supplies these basics to me via home delivery!

This business model is the real deal. This is how to network market at its best.

  • I order from my computer. I don’t have to leave the house, fight traffic, burn gas, search for parking, stand in line…
  • Majority of products in this store are natural and biodegradable! You would only find the equivalent products at a health food store. And for a much higher price!
  • This company offers many of its products at box store prices.
  • It is not a matter of adding to your family budget, only switching where you purchase your household items.
  • This manufacturer makes over 400 products. All excellent. Any area of your life, they have something for you.
  • 96% documented re-order rate. This is huge. Remember what I said before, what gets cut when the money is tight?
  • This high percentage rate indicates that your customers will not quickly start buying from the dollar store if times are tight. They will stay your customer because it makes sense. They stay within their budget, and who wants to go back to using crappy toxic products in their house, and on their body, when they can keep buying good, natural, healthy products, and it doesn’t cost them any more!!
  • It’s amazing how easy it is to ‘network’ about this one. A company with integrity.
  • Revenue sharing program, right as you start, so you as a customer have an awesome experience.
  • Enroll as a member, you are gifted $120 to spend in the store over the next two months!
  • Many small – but really nice – perks for us as customers. Order before the 18th of the month and you can get back 18% of your order! This is lovely, and can work out to you having 10-15 free dollars every month, to spend on your next order, just because you ordered before the 18th of the month.
  • Environmentally friendly products.
  • Watch this beautiful movie


Join Me in Making A Shift

I am very passionate about the environment, and helping the earth to heal from this industrial era which has darn near destroyed our lovely planet! We all need to switch to natural products, 100% across this great continent, so we can do our part for our beautiful home.

As an exercise, look through your house and collect all your cleaners onto the counter to see what you have. Read the ingredients labels, see the little skeleton warnings, and now since that 20 year study concluded in 2018, they have discovered that inhaling fumes from regular cleaning products is extremely damaging to the lungs. after just a number of years, they found the lungs of people in the cleaning industry, and homemakers, registering in all the tests on a level with someone who had smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years. !!

I find this alarming. The same amount of damage?! I smoked cigarettes for 8 years when I was young, and know the damage that I sustained was hard to get over. It never occurred to me when I poured pine-sol cleaner into my mop water, and the hot steam rose, so good smelling, that I was damaging my lungs! I’m shocked that nobody has stopped the cleaner manufacturers from putting such damaging ingredients into something households use every single day!

Millions of people, breathing in scented cleaners, some exclaiming about how good they smell, bending in for a good long snifffffff, the whole time totally oblivious to the little fact that this simple behavior is causing terrible damage to your lungs.

We just have to stop using harmful cleaners and soaps! We must shift our households, one by one to clean, biodegradable, Environmentally friendly products.

Please join me in shifting the households of North America to clean and green.

Drop your email here,  with “mela” in the subject line, and I will send you a personal invite to shop this wonderful store!

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