How To do Network Marketing


How To Network Market

When you start in network marketing you will be swamped by excitement. The possibilities will swirl around in your head almost 24 hours a day.

You will have trouble sleeping sometimes, the excitement is so high, because suddenly you know you are in a free enterprise endeavor.

Where is the ceiling on what you can achieve? Only where you put it. In this business model, all people start on the same playing field. Where you take it from there is your business.

There are scams out there, no doubt, masquerading under the umbrella of network marketing companies, but you will be safe from them if you know the signs, and what to look for.

First and foremost I trust my Intuition. If I have a funny feeling about said opportunity, it’s my aware self sending a message to my dumb self (human) a warning not to touch it. I don’t second guess that, I trust it and walk away.

They ask you to represent thin air. Actually perpetrate the scam onto others. Also pay a lot of money in one installment or another to advance levels and so on….grrrr!

I’ve done it folks. Paying to move to another level where all this money was to be made, and once there, finding no extra money, the work still needed to be done, and I was a couple thousand dollars poorer.

Real network marketing, you all start at the same place, and build from there. You can’t buy your way to a team

We as the associates/representatives/distributors really have no limit on how far, or fast we can advance within the companies structured compensation plan, achieving levels on our own work power, not how much we invest!

  • It’s all based on your efforts. Who you talk to, who you know.
  • How you approach it, how you present it.
  • Having good products to represent.

It is possible to advance within the right company fairly quickly, growing a substantial team within a year or two, and really helping to increase your family’s finances.

Did you know that all network marketing companies require you to build a team? People who will work with you to expand the company’s customer base.

This is one of the most life changing experiences you can have. Working with old friends, or new friends that you met through the business, is uplifting and empowering.

I have done home shows with groups of women, working our shifts, talking to people, laughing, joking, always having such a wonderful time working together.

I feel you can experience so much personal growth being involved in this industry, it just naturally leads you out of your comfort zone, and into fun and exciting spaces you have never been in before.

Network Marketing is worth getting involved in, just to gift yourself these opportunities to work with family and friends, in a real and life changing way.

Example of a Free Enterprise System

What do you think about the idea of “Free Enterprise”? Have you thought about it before?

The business model for network marketing is based on this concept.

Free enterprise speaks of working from your home, organizing your working hours around your life, not your employer’s business/schedule.

It’s wonderful to work from home, hand in hand with your partner, getting your children involved, and loving what you do. Network marketing allows this to happen.

You can work from home on your computer, on your phone, arranging meetings, advising team members, coaching, encouraging and celebrating with them as they advance forward and find new confidence within themselves too.

You can become closer to your friends working with them this way.

The basic steps of network marketing is that you join the company, place an order. Get your order, start trying everything, whether it be floor cleaner or health shake.

If you love it, you can’t help yourself but tell your mother, and sisters and friends. Usually mothers will order just to support you, and also because they see how delighted you are with the products you’re using, and they want to feel good too!

You and the team you build, can fly your network marketing ship to the moon!

There is no limit on how far you can advance in the company, how much money you can generate as a team, how much personal growth you can experience.

Nice to be in a business where you can empower family and friends that are working with you, and help them to achieve financial success. Within that process, is your success.

You just need the right vehicle to take you there. The right ship so to speak. A Millennium Falcon.


Finding Your Millennium Falcon

How do you choose a company, an opportunity to work with? How do you find that ship that will fly you to the moon? That is steady, well-built, responsive and safe to invest in. That ship that won’t break down half-way through the journey.

How do you look at the long list of companies operating within the network marketing model, and choose one that is going to be good for you? How will you know?

Perhaps choose a product you would like to represent, such as health shakes. What network marketing companies are offering health shakes?

  1. Make a list of network marketing companies offering health shakes, for instance.
  2. Go to each website and read the ingredient list for the shakes.
  3. Is this something you would put in your body?
  4. Find the compensation plan on their website and study it.
  5. Could you make money within this structure?

Would you want to represent makeup and other beauty products?

  1. Search out which network marketing companies are selling makeup.
  2. Read the ingredient list.
  3. Would this be something you would put on your body?
  4. Find the compensation plan in their paperwork and study it.
  5. Could you make money with this structure?

Company after company. The research process can be long and tedious. Do you have hours and hours to do all this research?

Let me help. I have done a lot of research over the last 20 plus years, hands on research, learning by trial and error, learning by joining the company following the plan towards success that they have outlined, working hours a day on the phone, talking to people about the opportunity.

I have built teams, made money, lost money. I have even done the infamous ‘cold calling’…which is something you just never want to do, I can assure you.

With this hands-on experience that I have around network marketing, let me show you my number one recommendation, the Millenium Falcon of the industry in my point of view.

I’m speaking from experience, which is the best teacher of all. I will save you research time, deliberating time, wondering time.

I will show you the Millennium Falcon. Will you jump in and fly?



5 Tips to Network Marketing Success

Be open, positive, vivacious and friendly. Love your product line and company and let others see that

Study the compensation plan until you understand it. You can’t represent what you don’t really know

Do a show with your company. Home Show, Health Fair, that kind of event. It grows your confidence and teaches you to speak with authority about your company and its product line. And it’s a lot of fun!

Connect with your team daily. People need lots of visionary reinforcement to keep them motivated. Your job as leader is to paint the bigger picture all the time, keeping team members focused, striving towards goals.

Be a good leader. Compassionate, understanding, helpful, encouraging and empowering with your team, your friends on this adventure. Also do not hesitate to jump in and solve problems for your team. If you solve problems, people will look to you.

How To Choose

I’ve worked with many nm companies over the years. A key facet of the comp. plan should be that it’s set up to empower the new rep first, not just seasoned individuals who have built huge teams.

It is my belief that when new and starting out in a company, they need to have compensation in place for your very first efforts, or you will quit.

Only making money when you are a ‘triple diamond emerald ruby quartz boulder’ is not a sustainable business model.

I wished I could find a company that would pay me, just for using regular everyday stuff that I needed already to keep my household operating smoothly. That would be ideal!

I finally stumbled across this company. It had these features that I was looking for:

  1. Sustainable product line that I would use everyday. Not “extra” but incorporated into my budget, already saving me money
  2. Products that don’t harm the environment. Biodegradable. Natural. Effective. In 2019, this is hugely important to the world, and to me.
  3. Products that don’t harm me, or my family
  4. Really good compensation plan the rewards the new recruit and is not complicated to understand.
  5. Order from my home computer
  6. Have a team of happy customers who are, or can become, your friends.
  7. Every month prizes to be earned. This incentive is awesome! Customers can participate, and earn themselves bundles of products. How to win them? tell two others about the store.

To me, this company had everything I was looking for in a direct selling, or consumer marketing company as they are called these days.

I liked what I saw. I decided to enroll and put my good name forth to tell friends and others what I discovered.


Something I learned over the years of representing different product lines: when money gets tight, or anything happened to upset the budget, people immediately turned to look at where they can make cuts to their spending.

  1. Your pricey diet program
  2. Your swanky line of high end candles
  3. Expensive lingerie
  4. Children’s toys that cost a small fortune

One demographic that usually remains constant with people is their practical list of supplies to keep their home and body clean.

The basics.  What you need to live a modern life!

We can’t live in a cave with a stick for a broom!

Or scrub our clothes with sand, crouched beside a creek!

We need basic supplies like laundry soap, toothpaste, shampoo, bar soap, dish soap, all purpose cleaner, disinfectant….

You understand what I mean.

I found all this in a store with home delivery!


This business model is the real deal. This is how to network market at its best.

  • I order from my computer. I don’t have to leave the house! I enjoy a cup of tea while I browse the aisles.
  • Majority of products in this store are natural and biodegradable!
  • You would only find the equivalent products at a health food store. And for a much higher price!
  • This company offers many of its products at box store prices.
  • This manufacturer makes over 400 products. All excellent. Any area of your life, they have something for you.
  • 96% documented re-order rate. This is huge. Remember what I said before, what gets cut when the money is tight?

This high percentage rate indicates that your customers will stay your customers because it just makes sense. Who wants to go back to using crappy toxic products in their house, and on their body, when they can keep buying good, natural, healthy products, and it doesn’t cost them any more!!

  • It’s amazing how easy it is to ‘network’ about this one. A company with integrity.
  • Environmentally friendly products.
  • Enroll as a member, you are gifted $120 to spend in the store over the next two months!
  • Revenue sharing program, right as you start, so you as a customer have an awesome experience.
  • Many small – but really nice – perks for us as customers, including bundles of products to be earned each month by telling 2 others about this store.
  • Now that was easy!!


Join Me in Making A Shift

I am very passionate about the environment, and helping the earth to heal. If we all switched to natural cleaners and laundry products, just think of the impact that would have!

As an exercise, look through your house and collect all your cleaners onto the counter to see what you have. Read the ingredients labels, see the little skeleton warnings, the explosion warnings

A 20 year study by an independent group of scientists, monitoring the effects of everyday household cleaners on the lungs, concluded in 2018 that inhaling fumes once a week from regular cleaning products over the 20 year study, was as damaging to the lungs as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for the 20 years.

I find this alarming. The same amount of daWe can't control everything but we can control the air in our homes!mage?! I smoked cigarettes for 8 years when I was young, and know the damage that I sustained was hard to get over.

It never occurred to me when I poured pine scented cleaner into my mop water, and the hot steam rose, so good smelling, that I was damaging my lungs!

I’m shocked that nobody has stopped cleaner manufacturers from putting toxic ingredients into something households use every single day!

I’m distraught that I never knew about this, and how many households still don’t know about this, and continue to cause damage to their airways as you read this!

Most people have no idea that the simple behavior of breathing in the aroma while wringing your mop is causing damage to their lungs!

It is clear to me, we must stop using harmful cleaners and soaps in our homes!

We must change our households, one by one, to clean and  biodegradable, environmentally friendly products.

I have found a source, and I share it with you in the hope that you will join me in shifting the households of North America to clean and green

As one can only receive a personal invite to shop this store, if you have an interest in becoming a member of this shopping club, you must send me an email here with “mela” in the subject line.

Thanks for reading this post!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Change stores! shop for natural products made right in the US, of fabulous ingredients.

Join hands with me in harmony to help this planet we live on, this beautiful home that is ours.


  1. Hello Kathleen, wow! This article is very informative and enlightening and you have clearednmy misconceptions concerning network marketing. Before, I do think they have cumbersome commission structure and that it may just be a scam or recruiting just for the same but then, this is simply great and I’m haooy to have cone across this post. Reading from your experience that you have cumulated over the years, I believe if one follow you diligently, the one us prone to becoming a successful in network marketing. I will drop you my mail to show my interest.

    • Hello Tracy, thanks so much for your comment!

      So glad you found my article to be helpful in forming a bigger picture of network marketing! I spoke my truth regarding this fascinating industry, and you heard! 

      This is awesome, and wonderful! I look forward to working with you in the near future. I will be a mentor, a teacher, and a new friend.


  2. Wow, never knew scented cleaners are really harmful to the health. I have made use of them a vkuole of times and I also love the scent they produce. To yoy talk on network marketing, I find it really fascinating because many people say network marketing isn’t a good way to make money. After reading your post, I see that one can really make money and that those people probably do not know much about the industry. I am definitely going to use hour tips and also check out that platform. Thank you.

    • Hey thanks for the comment !

      I’m so glad you found my article interesting! I’m exploring new ground, learning how to build websites like the one your visiting. I want to help people find new businesses they can run from their computer, or their farm. It always nice to hear some positive thoughts on ones efforts.

      Wonderful that you will be checking out the company I work with. So easy to incorporate into your life, so practical. If you like what you see, and join my team, I would work with you every day to gain your success. That’s a promise.


  3. Working on line from home is, the best way to live, and the best way to do your business,as mentioned, it also saves a lot of money,that you would spend on transport,time, and frustration, that you experience in a nine to five normal job.

    I am  member of Wealthy Affiliate, and am part of an online business,with many helpers,to give advice and help, with building my business.

    The free enterprise system,is great, working from home,no travelling,you can fit your work to your own time schedule,also because it is an internet system,you have a vast, pool of potential clients,in network marketing,you research,to find the niche that you are good at,and concentrate on building your business on that product.

    At Wealthy Affiliate, we are taught that the basic tenet of good, marketing is helping people,encourage your clients,suggest the best way of doing the project,and above all,you must have integrity, that will give your clients confidence in your business.

    • Hi, thanks for the comments!

      I too am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and feel blessed that it came into my life 6 months ago. I really wanted to branch out into affiliate marketing and was looking for a good training program when I found WA. The best platform for learning in the world!

      But my 20 + years of network marketing has taught me so much that I can apply to any business. I work with WA, and I’m still involved with a great nm company, in the role of good customer, (I buy all my household supplies from them) and quietly sharing with others, and helping them to become customers. Its a residual income stream, as is Wealthy Affiliate!! 

      YaaY !!

  4. Thank you very much. Network marketing sounds great. I never knew I could solve all my family’s financial trouble in a year! I love the idea of a free enterprise system. I think this is exactly the kind of thing I have been looking for! Thank you for explaining how to choose a network marketing company. I understand this so much better now. I think all my financial problems will be solved soon!

    • Hello, thanks for the comment !

      When I wrote that line about solving financial troubles in a yr, or more if your slower, gosh my husband laughed for half hour ! he said it sounded so cute…the funny thing about it is its true! I have sat and listened to people tell their stories of how nm changed them and money started to come into their lives. I have cried with them and laughed with them. I’ve heard enough testimonies to know it to be true. You just have to find the right company to work with.

      We all network every day. Get a good coffee at a new shop? you tell all your friends about it just naturally. See a good movie? you tell your family about it, your friends…they go see it, rave about it to their friends…those friends run out to watch it…ha ha, you see how fast news can spread? 

      that’s network marketing.


  5. Hi Kathleen 

    Thanks for sharing such an important and informative post about home run business. You have informed us that how to do Internet marketing. By reading your post it is very clear to me that network marketing is worth getting involved in, just to gift ourselves these opportunities to work with family and friends, in a real and life changing way. You have shared your good directions to do network marketing. Your 5 tips of network marketing success were really very essential for all. 

    Thank again. I’ll share this post with my friends and family so that they also can get the information. 

    • Hello and thanks for your comment!

      I’m glad you liked my post about network marketing! I think perhaps this industry is a bit misunderstood, and I just want to make the other side of the picture, share the positive aspects. I’ve had so much fun with my teams, working with family, lots of laughter, a tiny bit of bickering, (as sisters do) lol but wonderful fun to help each other build a team, and a business, help each other lose weight, find better health, earn residual income, meet new people…anyways as you see, lots of interesting development possible with nm.

      I really appreciate you sharing this post!

      Thank You !!


  6. Network marketing,is the best way to work from home,you save on fuel,on travelling time,and you set your own schedule for doing your work,you also have freedom to choose, the projects,that you want to accomplish.

    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and as such I am part of a team,that helps each other,in getting the work done,the interpersonal relationships,and discussions,help us to crystallize our thinking, and to attain our objectives.

    In Wealthy Affiliate. we are urged to find our niche,by what we are best at doing,and refine it by researching the market using the resources of W.A. to find what people want,and to present it on a website.

    The great thing about network marketing is that you have a potential of thousands of potential customers,and you can reach them 24-7 hours a day,also as you are an agent for items sold by Amazon or other big internet companies your don’t have to lay out any money for stock.  

    • Hello Robert, and thanks for your comment!

      Networking with the company I support now by being a good customer, is easy because they have such a good, practical product line that actually helps the environment, instead of destroying it. I’m really down with that! and with using natural products in my home! and on myself. So working with this company is a no brainer, and something I enjoy. It’s an income stream!

      I’m also a member of Wealthy Affiliate, the great new love of my life! WA answers all my questions about website building, and affiliate marketing. I have learned so much since joining 6 months ago, that I can hardly believe it! It will be my new, greatest income stream after I have finished going through the affiliate bootcamp training, and grown my website !

      Love Wealthy Affiliate !

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